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About Us

One Day

One day we were working on another website searching for domain names and just for kicks we search for our email address. Lo and behold we found such a close match that we just couldn't resist. So we have gathered up a bunch of mostly old stuff and tried to organize it in a presentable way in case you missed it the first time around.

Our Memorial Library

Perhaps this site will become our memorial library; be thankful, we ask for no donations, we organize no fund raisers and we anticipate building no monuments to our significant contributions to the advancement of mankind.

Stop Yelling

Instead, we decided to work deligently on this site because we became frustrated with constantly yelling at our TV. We started working on political topics; on our way, we found some humor and we learned alot which is why our site has four major topics:

  • fun stuff,
  • humor, and
  • learning, and
  • politics.


We would like to thank all those who, over the years, contributed material now published at this site.
We credited the source when we could easily find it but we respect the privacy of those we judge wish to remain anonymous.

This Build

This build was published in February 2014. Subsequent builds will be published as more material is processed.