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Notable Ancestors


This page allows you to access any family map of any of our 754 notable ancestors. They are categorized by the 36 buttons shown at the right.

Pick A Title

Decide what title interests you like 'Princess' maybe.

Pick A Period Of History

Decide what span of years are interesting to you. The symbol:

  • <1100> denotes a period of history between 1350 and 765 AD;
  • <800> denotes a period of history between 1136 and 450 AD;
  • <400> denotes a period of history between 836 and 15 AD; and
  • 1700bc> denotes a period of history between 345 AD and 1740 BC.

Please do not be distracted by the overlaps, they are unavoidable.

Go To A Notables List

Suppose you chose the button Princess <1100>. A page displays four princesses in that time period.

Go To A Family Map

You could now choose Gwladys Llewelyn, the princess of Nor. You will find her at Generation 28 (A28) in Column C at her Family map. When you get there, you will learn that Gwladys is part of "The DeMortimer/Fiennes Family".

Get More Details

Because her entry is underlined, you can then learn a great deal more about Gwladys from her WikiTree page.


In this revision, a few of the 36 Notable categories are unpopulated.