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Oldest: 858 end end
858: King AEthelwulf of Wessex dies after an 18-year reign, and is succeeded by his eldest son
AEthelbald. He marries his father's young widow Judith (daughter of Charles the Bald), and becomes
sole ruler of Wessex. His brother, AEthelberht, is left to rule Kent and the south-east of England.
Karl DenSkallede Keiser-Romersh
877 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 858
Oldest: 0 end
310: In China, the first fishing reels are employed.
Baldwin-I Margrave-Of-Flanders
863 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 0
Oldest: 865 end
877: King Alfred the Great raises a large force, and marches on the Viking camp at the city of
Exeter. His army besieges the Great Summer Army, led by Guthrum, and forces the Vikings to surrender.
They flee north to Gloucester, and settle in the Five Boroughs (modern East Midlands).
Baldwin-Ii Margrave-Of-Flanders
884 Aelfthryth-Of-Wessex Countess-Of-Flanders
Youngest: 877
Oldest: 890 end end
915: Battle of Garigliano: The Christian League personally led by Pope John X lay siege to Garigliano
(a fortified Arab camp in the area of Minturno), which is blockaded from the sea by the Byzantine
navy. After three months of siege, plagued by hunger, the Saracens decide to break out of Garigliano
and find their way back to Sicily by any means possible. Christian hunting parties fall on the fleeing
Arabs, and all are captured and executed.
Arnulf-I -The-Great Count-Of-Flanders
934 Adele DeVermandois
Herman Duke-Of-Saxony Von-Billung
935 Hildegarde DeWesterbourg
Youngest: 915
Oldest: 935
937: King Hugh of Arles travels to Colombier (Switzerland) and marries Rudolph's widow Bertha. He
takes Conrad I under his tutelage and betroths Rudolph's 6-year-old daughter Adelaide with his own
son and co-ruler Lothair-Ii.
Baldwin-Iii Count-Of-Flanders
958 Countess-Mathilda-Of-Saxony VonBillung
Youngest: 937
Oldest: 963 end
963: Nikephoros-Ii makes a triumphal entry in Constantinople and is hailed as 'the conqueror'. He
is crowned emperor in Hagia Sophia. In September, he marries Theophano, bolstering his legitimacy
Jean DeBurgo-Conteville Earl-Of-Comyn
998 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 963
Oldest: 1001
1000: Sep 9 Battle of Svolder, Baltic Sea. King Olaf on board the Long Serpent defeated in one of
the greatest naval battles of the Viking Age.
Viscount Harlevin DeConteville
1032 Duchess Herleva Falaise
Youngest: 1003
1119: In the Song Dynasty, the mariner's compass (the wet compass) is invented.

The DeConteville/Falaise Family

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Number of Couples: 8