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550bc: In Spain, the first rotary quern (grinding stone) is used.
Oldest: 730 end end
773: Siege of Pavia: Charlemagne besieges Pavia, which is poorly stocked with food. King Desiderius
remains in the capital, and orders his son Adalgis to defend Verona to guard Gerberga, and the children
of Carloman I. After a short siege, Adalgis flees to Constantinople, where he is received by Emperor
Constantine V. Meanwhile, the Franks capture the cities of Verona and Mortara
Berenger DeFriuli
755 Unknown-Wife
Beque Caroling Count-Of-Paris
789 Aupais Caroling
Youngest: 772
Oldest: 760
790: King AEthelred I returns to Northumbria, and is restored to the throne after living in exile
for 11 years. His rival Osred II is deposed, forcibly tonsured, and exiled to the Isle of Man.AEthelred
then faces a rebellion by another rival, named Eardwulf. The latter is captured, and hanged outside
the gates to Ripon Abbey. The body is taken into the abbey, where Eardwulf recovers and escapes
to exile.
Hunrock Margrave DeFriuli
809 Engeltron DeParis
Youngest: 790
Oldest: 810
820: Emperor Leo V (the Armenian) is assassinated by conspirators in the Hagia Sophia, at Constantinople.
Though unarmed, he fights back fiercely but dies of his wounds.
Saint-Eberhard DeFriuli
835 Saint-Gisele Bavaria Caroling
Youngest: 820
Oldest: 836 end
836: Danish Vikings arrive in West Saxon, North Devon and Somerset. King Egbert of Wessex fights
them at the Battle of Carhampton, but he is forced to withdraw.
Adalhard VonBurc
854 Swanaburc VonBurc
Youngest: 836
Oldest: 856 end
860: Viking raiders led by Weland sail to England and attack Winchester (the capital of Wessex),
which is set ablaze. He spreads inland, but is defeated by West Saxon forces, who deprive him all
he has gained.
Eberhard VonBurc
880 Gisella VonBurc
Youngest: 860
35: The Aeolipile, a simple steam turbine is recorded by Hero of Alexandria.

The VonBurc Family

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Number of Couples: 6