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Oldest: 670
670: King Oswiu of Northumbria dies during a pilgrimage to Rome in the company of bishop Wilfrid.[2]
He is succeeded by his son Ecgfrith, while his youngest son AElfwine becomes king of Deira. Oswiu
is buried at Whitby Abbey, alongside Edwin of Northumbria.
Randver Radbartsson
713 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 670
Oldest: 724 end
727: A revolt breaks out in Italy against Leo's Iconoclasm; this results in the independence of
the Exarchate of Ravenna, after part of a Byzantine invasion force is lost in a storm in the Adriatic
Sea, and the remainder of Byzantine troops are repulsed.
Sigurd Randversson
747 Alfhild Gandolfsson
Youngest: 728
Oldest: 750
755: Alliances and trade between Mayan city-states have begun to break down. Malnutrition is on
the rise. A diminishing of the food supply creates social upheaval and war.
Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson
770 Aslaug Sigurdsdatter
Youngest: 755
Oldest: 770 end
770: King Charlemagne signs a peace treaty with Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria, and marries the Lombard
princess Desiderata (daughter of King Desiderius). He travels to the Lombard court at Pavia to conclude
Bjorn Ironside Ragnarsson
793 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 770
Oldest: 796 end
796: Charlemagne wins a major victory (in which the Pannonian Croatian duke Vojnomir aids him),
and the Franks make themselves overlords over the Croatians of northern Dalmatia, Slavonia, and
Pannonia. Frankish missionaries are sent to the area to convert the pagan population to Christianity.
Refill Bjornsson
812 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 796
Oldest: 814 end
814: Charlemagne dies of pleurisy in Aachen, after an almost 14-year reign (since 800) as the first
Frankish Emperor (the precursor of the Holy Roman Emperor). He is embalmed and buried in Aachen
Cathedral. Charlemagne is succeeded by his son Louis the Pious, as king of the Frankish Empire.
Erik Refillsson
830 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 814
Oldest: 832 end
832: King Pepin-I of Aquitaine, and his brother Louis the German, revolt against their father, Emperor
Louis the Pious. They gather an army of Slav allies and conquer Swabia.
Emund Eriksson King-Of-Birka
848 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 832
Oldest: 849 end
849: Frankish forces under King Charles the Bald invade southern France, and conquer the territory
of Toulouse. He appoints Fredelo as count (comte) of Toulouse, who founds the Rouergue dynasty.
Aquitaine is submitted to the West Frankish Kingdom.
Erik Emundsson King-Of-Sweden-And-Goten
865 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 849
Oldest: 867 end end end
872: The Danes, led by Halfdan and Guthrum, establish a winter quarter at Torksey in the Kingdom
of Lindsey (now part of Lincolnshire). King Burgred pays tribute (Danegeld) in return for 'peace'.
Bjorn-The-Old King-Of-Uppsala
890 Ingeborg Uppsala
Thraud Jarl-Of-Suda
897 Unknown-Wife
Youngest: 872
Oldest: 900
900: King Donald II is killed after an 11-year reign. He is succeeded by his cousin Constantine
II as king of Scotland;[12] he will reign for more than 40 years.
Olaf Bjornsson King-Of-Upssala
918 Ingeborg Thrandsdatter
Youngest: 900
50: The first vending machine is invented by Hero of Alexandria.

The Bjornsson/Thrandsdatter Family

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Number of Couples: 11