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Earth, counting from 50,000 years ago has experienced about 110 billion inhabitants of which about 7 billion are alive today. This site displays the ancestors of our youngest family members organized into 139 generations going back about 3,700 years.


Naturally, this presentation includes a very small number (about 6,000) of our ancestors of the potentially 103 billion deceased inhabitants of earth.

Were our ancestors to double every generation, in theory back at generation 139 we would have billions of ancestors. This idea is characterized as an inverted pyramid. But about 15 generations back from today, due to a number of factor including mobility, the number of ancestors of each generation on earth reduced dramatically until we all came to one common mother and father. Welcome to the Garden Of Eden.

About 6,000 ancestors including 1,300 famous ones called "Notables" (some royal, some not) are included on this site but sadly, the lives of the vast majority of the ancestors who came before us remain undocumented and their story is lost to posterity.

navigating this site

Our family tree is presented in 198 pictorial maps each showing, on average, a family of about nineteen couples. You can access a family map using either the six <-year-> buttons or the Notables button at the bottom of this page.

Select a year button:

  • Choose the time-period in history that interests you from one of the six year buttons - for instance, you might try the <-1400-> button; then
  • from the map-index displayed, choose a family that interests you like maybe the Guillet/Trottier Family; then
  • from the map of that family, choose either:
  • a couple that interests you by selecting a marriage year (in the space between the husband and wife) like maybe Etienne Saint Pere and Marie Madeleine Couteau (row A14 column l). A page spawns showing the available particulars of that couple (Marie survived four husbands). Some members have individual links as well where you might see a collage of pictures or a bio; or
  • a TO-link which spawns the family map of the couple's descendants; or
  • a FROM-link which spawns the family map of the member's ancestry.

Select the Notables Button

When you select the Notables button, you will have access to 36 buttons of royals, 16 buttons of non-royals and an example of how to navigate the site using the Notables page.

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1740bc to345ad
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3,120 couples
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Some of the places where our ancestors lived. How many can you find?