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Why Boogie?

he is so bad, he is wonderful

Received: 24Jan2011


Somebody dumped him in our neighborhood. He was eating bird food to stay alive.
As soon as we were sure he didn't have a home, we fed him at arms length.
It took us a month to bring him in. We kept him in the basement until we could get him to the Vet. He had no communicable deseases so he is now a full-fledged member of the family.


Boogie told us his name was given to him by his father who was a big fan of Humphrey Bogart.
He spelt Bogie wrong. His mother called his father a total imbicile but she got used to the name because Boogie has the habit of lying in wait for any other cat and jumping toward them going "Boo" when they get close enough to be spooked.

The Victims

Beggar Boy and Buster are dealing with it.
Bunkie, not so much.

Because he is so young, we tend to call him Boogie Boy but when he grows up, he will be the Boogieman.