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Learning Golf

Taking Stock

Received: 23Jan2011

The golf season is winding down. I reflect on how much I have learned in six short months.
I have learned to:

  • pick a good set of clubs,
  • get many lessons for an affordable price,
  • buy good gloves,
  • do effective warm-up exercises,
  • make impressive practice swings,
  • wash club faces,
  • wash club grips,
  • haul my bag around the course,
  • harvest golf balls,
  • let others play through (often), and
  • fix ball marks (rare).

You Should See My Divots

So, next year, I will have only one more thing to learn:
How to hit the ball correctly. I take impressive divots but on the wrong side of the ball.
When I say: "I had a nice day at the golf course", I'm talking about the weather. To say it another way, I had pretty much removed curse words from my vocabulary until I took up golf.