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Mexican Hurricane

Catastrophe Strikes

Received: 08Sep2010

The country is devastated when a category 5 hurricane hits Mexico City:

  • two million Mexicans die,
  • over a million are injured,
  • destruction is everywhere.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

The government recovers from the shock and starts asking for help to rebuild and the rest of the world is rolling up its sleeves:

  • Canada is sending troopers to help the Mexican army control the riots;
  • Saudi Arabia is sending oil;
  • other Latin American countries are sending desperately needed supplies;
  • the European community (except France ) is sending food and money;
  • the United States is sending two million indigenous workers as replacements for those who perished.

American Generousity Knows No Bounds

News Flash: The US State Department has just announced that in each of the next five years, two-million more indigenous workers will be provided to help Mexico finish the rebuilding projects that were initiated as a result of the hurricane's devastation.