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Received: 21Jan2011

Teen Births

You may have read that the US teen birth rate has been dropping since 1957 when it peaked at 96/1000. Our 2009 rate is 39/1000 (about the same as Turkey). The bad news is that western Europe is doing significantly better:

  • Netherlands 3/1000 (the lowest), and
  • Norway 9/1000 (the highest in continental Europe).


In analyzing this data, Dr Monique Chireau, an assistant professor at Duke University said:
"... the US whites are more comparable to countries with more homogenous white populations."

Her comment is definitely more truthful than the media usually delivers but the bad news is that she stretches the data. Actually:

  • 26/1000 US white teens have babies,
  • 59/1000 blacks have teen babies, and
  • 70/1000 hispanics do.