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In A Fog

a human-rights issue?

Received: 22Feb2004

You Can Change The Law

I have been in a fog about civil unions but the fog seems to be lifting. There is a civil definition of the word "marriage" and there are as many other definitions as there are religions. The SJC wants the legislature to modify the civil definition. I think, in my fog I thought my religious definition was being threatened but now, I realize that whatever changes the government might make to the civil definition of marriage will have no impact whatsoever on my faith, my values, my family or my way of life.

You Can't Change What I Believe

So what might change? Today, certain pairs get more of their tax dollars back than certain other pairs which, according to the findings of the SJC, is inconsistent with our constitution.

All Straights Are Created Equal

I am still a bit foggy about whether we should change the constitution to legitimize the Defense Of Marriage Act or whether we should treat all pairs the same. I hope to figure it out soon.