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The Engineer

might be better to be a cowboy

Received: old joke

The Guys

As part of a church group, a preacher, a salesman and an engineer when on a trip to South America.

On their very first night, they decided to frequent an establishment that served liquid refreshments. As they were standing at the bar, some low life approach them offering to exchange their dollars for twice the government-sanctioned exchange rate.

Bad Luck

Just then, the place was raided and all three were hauled off to jail.

Probably because the country's Grand Poobah was at trial the next morning, the judge showed no mercy and sentenced them to be immediately executed by guillotine.

And so they were transported to the place of execution where the chief executioner said:
"Which one of you want to go first?".

The Minister Is First

The minister said: "I want to go first."
The executioner said: "Do you want to go face up, or face down?".
The minister said: "I want to face the heavens where I shall soon be with my Lord."
The attendants placed the minister in the guillotine face up. When he was settled, the executioner gave the order to his assistant executioner: "Pull."

And so he pulled. But to everyone's surprise, nothing happened!. So the executioner summoned the Grand Poobah. When he arrived and was told of the circumstances, he said: "It is an omen from on high. Set the minister free."

And so the executioner ask the remaining two scoundrels: "Now which one of you wants to go next?"

The Salesman Is Next

The salesman, quick on his feet and hoping for the same result, immediately replied: "I'll go next."

The executioner: "Face up or face down?"

The salesman, not wanting to change anything said: "Face up."

Once the salesman was settled in, the executioner again cried: "Pull".

Astonishingly, again nothing happened!

How could the Grand Poobah not consider this an omen even more powerful than the first? And so he said: "Set the salesman free".

The Engineer Is Last

And now it was the engineer's turn. He chose to go face up so he could see the sky for one last time.

With an incurable penchant for detail, and just before the executioner was about to say: "Pull", the engineer said: "Wait a minute, I think I see what's wrong up there!"


If you encourage your children to become engineers always trying to make stuff or fix stuff, it could be the death of them.

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