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Under God


Received: 28Mar2004


there was a time when I felt quite strongly about retaining the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance;

perhaps I subconsciously doubted that our nation is really under God;

perhaps it was comforting to hear the words spoken as part of the recitation of the Pledge;

perhaps others, who resist the change, also have these subconscious doubts;

perhaps my doubts were not about the Pledge at all but about the fundamental teaching that everyplace is under God.

I Get It

I am thankful for rare moments of clarity. Now, the words seem redundant; after all, we are not required to say "Boston, under God, Massachusetts" but Boston is most certainly under God just like everyplace else for heaven's sake.

Under God Rehab

In making this transition to my new point of view, I devised a two-step program, each step consisting of repeating a phrase until I could say it without cringing. The first is: "Los Angeles, under God, California". Once I mastered that one, conquering the most challenging "Washington, under God, DC" affected a permanent cure (I only lost my lunch once).