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kenya trust obama?

Received: 29Mar2011

The latest birth certificate conspiracy goes like this:

  • Donald isn’t interested in the oval office, but was(is?) a Bill and Hillary friend/supporter and seeing how Hillary is the ”original birther” and failed, “The Donald” will push it for them to bolster Hillary’s primary attempt.
  • He will keep this alive at virtually no cost to him (probably profit) and no political cost to Hillary.
  • He will also bring up and keep alive the used S.S. number from CT that B.H.O. is using.
  • I know the last time we discussed this your mind was settled on the birth certificate thing, and I understand that a missing piece does not a puzzle make.

However, when this many pieces are missing… can we just explain/excuse away a mans life? Specifically:

  • No original long form
  • No hospital record
  • A used S.S. number from CT originally issued to boy who died at 17
  • School records – sealed
  • Passport - unreleased
  • Very few witnesses of his existence until he arrived in politics

It isn’t any one thing, it’s the whole enchilada that stinks. Most transparent administration evah! Imagine if we were talking about a conservative.

What Does Obama Say?

He says quite emphatically that he is not a citizen then he releases a birth certificate to convince you that he is a citizen.
After discussing his reasons for releasing his birth cert: “I’ve got better stuff to do,” Obama said as he ended his press conference. Obama is flying to Chicago later today to do the “Oprah” show and will hold several fundraisers in NYC this evening.