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Blanket Exemption

As Nancy said: Once It Becomes Law,
We Will Try To Understand It

Received: 06Mar2012

Studying this Claim one can quite easily conclude that:

Muslims are exempted from Obamacare.

Conceptually, the idea is that insurance is a form of gambling. The bad news is that Obamacare will clearly be of financial benefit to many.

Studying the Clarification , one detects a caveat such that the exemption should say:

Muslims are exempted from Obamacare if they so desire.

...notes Sheikh Al-Munajjid: "it is permissible for you to take from the insurance company the same amount as the payments you have made, but you should not take any more than that."

In our legal system, the word "should" carries no weight. In the quote above, does it mean "allowed", "forbidden" or "take your pick"?