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Fast And Furious

There is no story here according to wapo, lat and nyt

Received: 05Oct2011

In an interview about the Gunwalker / Fast & Furious scandal on Laura Ingraham's show with CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, Sharyl reports:

"I'm certainly not the one to make the case for DOJ and White House about what I'm doing wrong. They will tell you that I'm the only reporter-as they told me-that is not reasonable. They say the Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable, I'm the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I'm unfair and biased by pursuing it."

She also describes being yelled at not only by the DOJ but by White House spokesman Eric Schultz, who allegedly screamed and cursed at her over her reporting.

See the video

What possible reason did the Washington Post, LA Times, and NY Times have for not reporting this story?

Will Eric Holder, ex terrorist, survive? Probably. After all, we live in an upside-down country where the bad guys and good guys have experienced a role-reversal.