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Why Aren't We Going To Pot

Pot Is The Answer

Received: 18Mar2011

Do We Miss The Point?

One day something is a crime; the next day it is a source of revenue. Church bingo with cash prizes was a crime; now we have the lottery. Playing blackjack is a crime; tomorrow it will be a source of revenue.

Politicians cannot say: "I'm sorry, we cannot afford that"; so instead they need an ever increasing revenue stream to squander on ill-fated social re-engineering programs.

A Better Revenue Source

But, in the pioneering spirit of our state, I urge the Legislature to select a different crime to legalize. I propose the adoption of state owned and operated Pot Parlors. This proposal has three significant advantages over the casino proposal:

  • 1. the state does not have to share profits with anyone;
  • 2. instead of diluting the attraction to the Lottery, it is likely to increase the addiction; and
  • 3. our product cost would be minimal ("Proudly Grown By Those Happily Incarcerated In Massachusetts").

The Weed Works Wonders

Pot Parlors would generate as much money as Casinos would from sales to high school children alone. Including sales to adults, we're probably talking at least $1B profit per year.

But alas, in a few years we would have to find another crime to legalize. Blackjack anyone?