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Miss Alaska

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Received: 24Feb2011

The Girls Battle It Out

I speculate that if Hillary gets the nomination1, no republican has a chance whereas if Obama runs for re-election, a republican has a shot.

Republican Credentials

The republican must appeal not just on the basis of conservative fiscal principles but must show compassion for the social issues of the day:

  • back off the God bit;
  • understand the gay rights bit;
  • deal evenly with the abortion bit; and
  • downplay the NRA link.

Miss Alaska fails 4 out 4 above.2 She is the right candidate to get 45% of the vote. We need someone whose tent is 10% larger.
If I can figure this out, her advisers should even see it more clearly.

It Is Not Too Late

There is still time for her to make the correction. Otherwise she will win the low population areas in the middle of the country and lose the east and west coasts.

Why Bother?

On the other hand, perhaps she knows all this and is not willing to mid-course correct; therefore, she will not run.

1. Can you imagine listening to a Sarah/Hillary debate - migraines are made of this.

2. It would help if she were part of a functional family but nevermind, in politics it is a rarity.