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Our Afgan Policy

'in the old days' is now

Received: 01Dec2009

What Is Our Purpose?

Either let the military do their job or get them out. Afghanistan is not Iraq and a "surge" will have no lasting effects.

If we stay, we should not be trying to do anything more than eliminating the bad guys. These people have no history of patriotism, nationalism. The don't strive to be educated and neither do they hope for a stable central government.

Is It The 18th Century Yet?

They aren't ready for the 18th century, never mind the 21st. We've been trying to instill a system of our values into a culture that has historically rejected those values.

Longshot, At Best

There is faint hope that our nation building strategy will be susstained in Iraq, but to rely on a liberated Afghanistan is at best a longshot. Besides, what is our strategic interest in Aghanistan? On the other hand Pakistan needs our attention. Preventing its collapse should be our main concern.