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Reelect Scott Brown

Letter To The Editor

Received: 11Feb2011

I don't know why I continue to subscribe to this newspaper. Ever since January 19th [2010], you have printed letters and editorials celebrating an occasion most momentous. Big deal; so some of our faithful lost their grip on gullibility. Remember, in 2006 we voted for "Together-We-Can" and in 2008 we voted for "Hope-And-Change". A temporary blindness caused a few of us to vote against the Massachusetts tradition of "Tax-And-Spend". By November [2012], those few who strayed will return to the fold. We have more than enough time to regain our traction. What far-fetched wave of ideology does Scott Brown expect to ride to victory in 2012? If he wants to retain a seat in the US Senate, he would be well advised to quickly establish residency in another state.

Something that struck me in late January of 2010 was:
for probably the first time in US History, a senator-elect was running for re-election before he was seated to his first term.
Amazing and in a pickup truck no less!