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Student Loans

This isn't difficult

Received: 26Apr2012

Rising Tuition Costs

Since 1985, college tuition has increased far more than inflation. For example, if the cost of college tuition was $10,000 in 1986, tracking inflation it would now cost $21,500 but instead it really costs $59,800. This represents an increase more than 2 times the inflation rate. More Details

Taking the Bait

A college entices a high-school graduate to borrow money at low interest with no colateral to get a degree that likely will not result in gainful employment. Colleges have found a virtually unlimited supply of tuition money. Why not increase tuition and pay professors far more than they could ever earn in the private sector.

No Brainer

Currently many jobs have no qualified applicants so we import talent from other countries. So we know what skills an American college graduate needs in order to contribute to the American economy. It is a no-brainer to provide a low student-loan interest for those students.

Real Leaders Would

Do the politicians have the guts to let the loan interest of the others rise to the previous level (6.8%)? Otherwise we will graduate a never-ending stream of future employees who we have to teach to say: "Do you want fries with that cheeseburger?"