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The Pool Is Closed

On Hot Summer Days, the kids say "thanks a lot"

Received: 14Mar2012

The gist:

Fixed (non-portable) wheelchair lifts must be installed in every public or commercial pool. Specifically, one lift for each water feature on the grounds. So if you have a pool and a spa then two lifts must be installed.

All lifts must be installed by 3/15/12.( That's not a mistake)

The DOJ promises not to prosecute non-compliance for an unknown period, but lawyers can immediately sue on behalf of clients who were "denied access".

The pain

There are approximately 300,000 public pools in the U.S., most of which cater to those who least deserve to be punished. How much:

  • $3000-$10,000 for the lift equipment, plus
  • $5000-$10,000 for installation, and
  • how can there possibly be enough trained personnel to install these even if the state and local governments could afford them?

How many inner city moms will appreciate Obammy once they find out their pool is closed because the local government can't afford to install these things.

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