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The Undocumented

We have repealed the rule of law

Received: 24Mar2012

They All Know What To Do

Only the dimmest bulbs in Washington can't figure out what to do about illegal immigration. For the vast majority of politicians on both sides of the aisle, although they know how to fix it, they do not want it fixed. Implicitly, the Congress of the United States has assumed the responsibility of acquiring cheap labor for big business. As a result, citizens are jobless, and taxpayers are funding services to lawbreakers.

Just do this

Completely in compliance with our existing laws, if we instituted a system so that no illegal immigrant could earn a dime for his/her entire stay, this problem would fix itself. These steps might be enough:

  • institute a national identity card;
  • require proof of legal status for every transaction funded in whole or in part by taxpayer dollars; and
  • if business needs a temporary worker:
    • the worker must be documented;
    • the business must guarantee that the worker does not overextend his/her stay, and
    • all documentation and enforcement costs must be funded by the business; not the taxpayer.

Currently we have an ugly system of people living in the shadows, employers doing shady deals with workers who cannot complain about being mistreated. Before 1860, the system was out in the open.

To see how the dim bulbs in Washington want to deal with this, read a letter from an Iowa taxpayer to his senator
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