7410 They Think We're Stupid
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They Think We're Stupid

Are Our Brains Broken or What?

Received: 27Jul2011

I give a politician $1 in taxes and that politician will squander it.
I offer 14-trillion exhibits to prove my point unequivocably.

Why are we not surprised that these squanderers profess that we can only get out of debt by borrowing more money?
Are we that stupid? They must think so.

There is hope that in November 2012 we will not re-elect the squanderers.
Until then, they should not get to squander any more tax dollars.

Bernie Maddoff's clients were gullible and greedy and his ponzi scheme was declared illegal.
The federal government's ponzi scheme is alive and is insidiously stealing the earnings of the unborn.

In case you don't have enough to worry about, we are about $15T in debt; almost half (47%) owed to foreigners.